Website Content – Where Do You Start?

Brainstorming Session

We’ve said it before – websites are no longer an optional part of a business. They give you the unique opportunity to present information to your customers and potential customers when they research and compare you to your competitors. Without stellar content, the time your potential customers spend on your website could be a waste.

Creating awesome website content is a process that starts with a good plan. Whether you are creating a new website or updating an existing website, you should complete an evaluation of your organization before digging in and composing your content. Each time we meet with a potential new client, and even when we recently updated our own website, we start with these five questions.

Recently, we worked with ASPELL Recovery Center here in West Tennessee and began with this same process to find out what information was crucial to include on their new website. We also have a number of other new websites in development, so keep an eye out for those launching in the coming months.

Do you know your organization?

  • What is your company’s history? To clearly communicate who you are to others, you need to know who you are. Spend time with your management teams and employees talking about your past, present, and future as an organization.
  • Do you have a Mission or Vision Statement? If you do have one, make sure these statements identify who you are as a company. If you do not have one, consider crafting one before launching or relaunching your site.

What makes your organization unique?

  • What do you do, that others don’t? Why would you be chosen over your competitors?
  • There is always something that makes us unique from others. It is essential to identify that in order to show your customers why your business is the better choice. Once you know this aspect of your company, you are ready to tell the world!

Who are your competitors?

  • Name your top competitors – those whom you compete directly with for business on a daily basis.
  • Competition drives us to be better. Knowing your competition helps you better determine your strengths and weaknesses. You are also better prepared to make your company stand out, instead of blending into what everyone else is doing.

Who are your customers?

  • Is it a busy, working mom? A retired couple? A College student?
  • By knowing who your customers are, you can clearly understand and communicate what you do to make their lives better. That message needs to be conveyed immediately. Don’t make your customers search for what you do!

What is the goal of the website?

  • What do you want your customer to do?
  • Make sure to develop a clear Call to Action (CTA). People need to know what you want them to do on your website. Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Make it clear and make the buttons easy to find and click.

Anyone can put up a website, but one with carefully planned out content that is relevant to your industry, up-to-date, and easy to navigate is a different story. Taking the time to do this will always have you a step ahead of the competition. By spending time on quality content, your website will be at the top of search pages without spending extra advertising dollars.

Ready to conquer a new website but need additional guidance? Make sure to download a copy of our Digital Marketing Checklist and then schedule a meeting with one of our experts here at Adelsberger Marketing. That’s what we are here for. Click below and we’ll get started.


Is This the Best Example of Branded Content?

Jack Ryan

Not a clickbait title. I think this might really be the best example of sponsored content I have seen. Amazon Prime Partnered with Vice News to do a series of videos promoting the new Jack Ryan series. My favorite of the series is entitled: Cheated Death with a Former CIA Operative – Inspired by Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

In this video, Vice News does it what it does best- tells stories in a real and gritty way through the video. They tell the life story of a former CIA Operative, Nic McKinley. I imagine their target audience for this campaign is men who like action, military, and adventure movies. So hearing from a CIA operative is a great way to catch their attention.

This video has a lot going for it:
1. Great production value. It has good quality and a variety of shots to help keep the viewer engaged.
2. It’s not overwhelming in its promotion of Jack Ryan. A few brief mentions but is very much about Nic McKinley.
3. Thrilling Stories. Nic does a great job sharing exciting stories from his career.
4. Behind the Scenes: Nic talks about his life as CIA and the bad side of his life as a CIA Operative.
4. The pivot. Near the end of the video, VICE News turns the story to talk about Nic’s current life in which he is fighting human trafficking.

The pivot at the end is what sealed the deal for me. Amazon allowed VICE to create a promotional piece that stayed true to who they were AND help promote a great mission that Nic is running in his post-CIA life. You can watch the piece below, let me know what you think about the brand integration: