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Motion Graphics

What We Do:

From custom logo reveals, to virtual flybys of buildings yet to be built, or animations to show statistics, we have the motion graphics skills to elevate your project.

Why It's Important:

Motion graphics take the production level of a video up a notch. Even having custom branding sets your videos above your competitors. Specialty projects are where motion graphics really shine., Imagine the power of showing a completed building that has yet to be built to a group of stakeholders.

Some of our recent motion graphic projects:

Case Study: WET Center (West Tennessee River Basin Authority)

Motion graphics can help enhance a digital product that already exists or help build something from the ground up. With the West Tennessee River Basin Authority, we were able to partner with them to create a motion graphic heavy video pitch for their proposed WET (Water Education and Training) Center that was presented to and approved by the leadership in the State of Tennessee government. 

The West Tennessee River Basin Authority needed to show their future plans for building the proposed WET Center in order to secure state funding. They had blueprints and data sheets, but to help show people the scale of the project, how it would sit on the land, and how it would help the State of Tennessee, Adelsberger Marketing was able to create a video with extensive motion graphics to help communicate the project

Our team went on location to record drone video from different angles and then tracked the footage to be able to place a 3D model on the site at the correct scale and perspective. This allowed us to to show what the project would actually look like once built.

We also designed and animated data sheets that helped to explain the amount of money that the State of Tennessee spends fixing storm water issues. Those elements, along with stories from local government officials and news stories, were edited into a video that the West Tennessee River Basin Authority was able to take to the state government and show them why the WET center is needed.

What makes Motion Graphics with Adelsberger Marketing different?

One of the largest obstacles to overcome when adding 3D models to drone footage is making the 3D model fit to look like it is actually in the space. This involves tracking the drone footage to create a virtual drone that follows the actual drone’s flight path exactly, virtually recreating the sun and other lighting elements, and placing buildings and others virtual objects into the physical world. Inserting a large, proposed building from architectural 3D models into our drone captured videos from the space was challenging, but paid off with the virtual design that ultimately helped sell this project to the State of Tennessee. 

We worked on all aspects of this video, and were able to plan how the video would interact with with 3D models provided by the architect. With thorough planning, our team preplanned the drone’s flight path to show off the 3D model, thinking about the 3D tracking ahead of time to making our post production process quicker, more efficient, and more successful.

After being presented to leadership in the State of Tennessee government, the West Tennessee River Basin Authority’s WET Center proposal has been approved and building on the site plans to start later in 2023. 

Those involved with the project stated that they felt the motion graphic video was directly related to the success of the funding of the proposed WET Center. 

Ready for your video or website to have some movement?