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Marketing Strategy

What We Do:

Brainstorming sessions with each client are in intregal part of the Adelsberger Marketing process. Strategy sessions take this one step further - investigating what a business is doing well, areas they are struggling, and how to move forward.

Why It's Important:

A well thought out plan is crucial to marketing success. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you prepare to grow your business. We understand how businesses work and have the knowledge to map out the next steps for a business - whether the business is well established or just starting out.

Case Study: World Changers

Having a strategy to evaluate and evolve your business is essential. Without a plan, it is difficult to maintain and grow a business. And while it is crucial to have a strategic plan, it is often difficult to construct one on your own. Having an outside perspective, who is skilled in current marketing methods, can help your business not only sustain business but develop and expand.

As a non-profit ministry that recently went through a restructuring, World Changers facilitates student summer camps, focusing on construction in underprivileged areas. This restructuring resulted in a need to understand new methods of promotion and new potential revenue streams

How are our strategy sessions different?

At Adelsberger Marketing, we are big believers in looking through the customer journey. We help our clients understand and believe that they are an expert and that they guide their customers. When you understand how and why you are an expert in your field, you are better prepared to guide your customers to overcome their problems. Through our Strategy session with World Changers, we were able to help them understand that they are experts in their field and how they can position themselves to guide their customers, typically Youth Ministry Leaders, to achieve success.

You can’t know where to go unless you know where you are coming from. By knowing your current strengths and weaknesses in marketing, we are able to determine the best marketing path for the future. With World Changers, we looked at their website, social media channels, and additional marketing options used, such as mail and church conferences. Knowing what they were currently utilizing, and under utilizing, allowed us to develop a plan for their future – including social media content generation ideas, modifications to their website for a clear call to action, and specific objectives for networking within the youth ministry and missions fields. 

With the help of our timed, idea discovery activities, we help our customers develop new, innovative ideas. With World Changers, we helped them identify concepts that they hadn’t thought about before. However, instead of just providing a list of potential new ideas, our process helps businesses to categorize ideas in to “quick wins”, “big projects”, and “hard slogs”. In the World Changers strategy session, we were able to identify those ideas that would be immediate successes with little work, concepts that would have a big payoff, but would take a lot of time and effort, and discard ideas that were interesting, but would take too much time and effort or would not have an impact on their core audience. Additionally, World Changers noted that while they came in for marketing strategy, they realized they had questions about general media and their website. We are always willing to go outside the bounds of what the focus of the meeting is for in order to provide more value for our customers. 

We don’t just talk about marketing ideas in strategy sessions, we give you a solid action plan with recommendations for implementation. We were able to develop three client personas for World Changers from which to view their marketing decisions. Additionally, we helped them to establish a solid “one-liner” – a short, but descriptive, sentence encompassing the full scope of World Changers. Most importantly, we helped them develop a plan to market to their core audience. This has resulted in a successful registration with an uptick of participants registered for summer 2021. Working through specific, actionable ideas that World Changers could implement in the short- and long-run has proved very useful, putting them on a path to current and future success.

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