Social Media Win: Re-Elect Gerald

In honor of the election my social media win or fail for this month is a win by Gerald Daughtry. Gerald Daughtry is running for re-election on the Travis County Texas County Board. Here is the video:

This video is a great for a few reasons:

  1. It is a positive ad. It doesn’t talk about his opponent, it talks all about Gerald and how much he loves the work of government. This is refreshing in our climate.
  2. It is funny. Why is the last time you saw a political ad that was funny and funny is a not sad way.
  3. Humanizing. That is actually Gerald’s wife and she delivers an amazing performance, get this lady a medal!
  4. Non-partisan. In a policial climate that is completely partisan, this ad transcends that environment and is one of the reasons it went viral.

This video has over 3 million views on his channel alone. It has also been rebroadcast on many news stations across the country. This might be the most popular ad for a county commissioner ever. This video was produced by KC Strategies but I wish it had been me!

Here are the Daughertys on a news interview: