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Live Streaming

What We Do:

From on location lighting to professional audio to custom graphics to live stream tech support, we cover it all. Our live streaming capabilities take you from a simple, online video conference, to a full-scale and professional online web event.

Why It's Important:

The past few years have shown us just how important it is to connect with others in a live, but virtual, format. Having a live stream event that runs seamlessly, integrating speakers, audio, video, and graphics, with no technological hiccups is easier said than done. We have the experience and equipment to make events happen for you.

Recent Live Stream Events Produced for:

Case Study: Madison County CASA

Live Stream events have become more the rule instead of the exception over the past couple of years. Before world events necessitated the use of live stream events for everything from school to work to fundraising events, we were uniquley positioned with the equipment and knowledge to present high-production quality live stream events.

We recently produced a live streamed cooking event for Madison County CASA called CASA ChefBox. This Covid-friendly fundraising event was a great success and a great example of how Adelsberger Marketing can take a simple live stream to the next level.

How are our Live Streams different?

We always offer high quality videography and live stream events are no different. During the CASA ChefBox event, we utilized three cameras to obtain different angles during the broadcast. Including a roving camera that we could switch to in order to capture close up shots and interesting shots to keep the viewer engaged throughout the live stream.

We can simultaneously stream to multiple platforms to make sure you are able to connect with your audience. Let us know where you need to be and we will be there!

Videos are always enhanced by custom graphics. We work with our clients to create name plates, informational graphics, countdowns, and anything else they need to display the information they need during the live stream event.

One of the pitfalls of live stream events can be the lack of a live audience. But, we are able to monitor social media channels, texting platforms, and emails during the live stream and feed the presenter questions in real time. This enables viewers to interact, even if they are physically present.

Checkout the Chefbox livestream!

Are you ready to take your live streaming event to the next level?