Dangers of Digital Marketing: Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this year an image won first place at a fine art competition. 

The image, photographed with a large blue ribbon, quickly circulated around the internet. 

The problem?

The picture was generated by artificial intelligence.

Despite not actually being created by humans, this image won first place. This situation sparked much controversy over the role AI will play moving forward in our society. 

One of the biggest concerns for the field of digital marketing is the influence this new technology will have on the job market in the future. Already, AI is capable of graphic design, copywriting, videography, and ad placement. 

Beyond the concern for the job market, AI forces us to reevaluate what media is true and what media is fake. AI presents us with more opportunities for technology to be deceptive. With the introduction of things like deep fake, misinformation can be more easily spread and viewers must evaluate if what they are seeing is really true. 

However, as AI is active in digital media, now more than ever, true creativity is needed.
With the threat of AI encroaching on digital marketing, how can we combat threats to the job market? Staying aware of trends in the industry is crucial to combating AI and other threats to digital marketing. 

Staying up to date on digital marketing requires reading as much on the subject as possible and learning from experts in the field. We recommend T-Minus AI: Humanities Countdown to Artificial Intelligence and the New Pursuit of Global Power for an insightful read on AI. 

While AI may seem like only a threat to digital marketing, when used the right way it can actually be used for good. With institutes like the AI Institute (https://www.marketingaiinstitute.com/) and others researching this growing technology, the future of AI might not be as unknown as it seems. 

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