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What We Do:

Most people know a good photo when they see one. But not everyone knows how to get there. We have the camera equipment, lighting, experience, and creative awareness to capture photographs that showcase your business.

Why It's Important:

We live in a visual world. Photos can be used in all your marketing materials, websites, and social media. Having great images can help set you apart from the crowd.

Case Study: VisitJacksonTN

Good photography and imagery is vital. A great website or print design can be rendered useless with subpar photography. We’ve had the opportunity to photograph people, places, and things all over the State of Tennessee, but one of our favorite projects has been right here in Jackson.

We have worked with VisitJacksonTN, the Jackson/Madison County Convention & Tourism Bureau, for a number of years and in 2019 worked to update some of their promotional materials, including headshot photography for their employees.

Headshots can easily be stiff, cold, and, honestly, boring. But these images were anything but boring! We were able to combine the people and places from VisitJacksonTN to help sell their messaging while delivering some great images of Lori, Paige, and Madalyn!

Headshots are as much about focus as it is about the surrounding scenery. Focusing attention on the person is key, but in these we also wanted to showcase VisitJacksonTN partners. By carefully selecting the locations and the poses, we were able to strike this balance. We focused on the people, but were able to effectively highlight VisitJacksonTN’s product as well – the City of Jackson.

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