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Branding and Identity

What We Do:

Branding is more than a logo. Branding is the essence of who your business is. Branding is made up of 4 main areas:

The branding process with Adelsberger Marketing breaks into three parts: Research, Creation, and Execution.

Research: We work to understand your company, customers, and place in the market.

Creation: We create through developing critical pieces of your identity - position, messaging, identity, & visual branding.

Execution: We work with you to roll out that new branding into all aspects of your business.

Why It's Important:

Having a professionally executed brand has many benefits for your business. A clear and professional brand allows your customers to identify your company and builds trust with new consumers. A true brand originates from the identity of the company, so having it defined will allow you to build the company around an anchor point, both for customers and employees. If you ever seek to sell the business, a complete brand will add value to your business in a transaction.

Visual Brands We Have Created:

Case Study: Jackson Chamber of Commerce

We have been grateful to work with the Jackson Chamber of Commerce on countless projects. We always look forward to the creativity and fun that comes out of their Annual Celebration. Our past Annual Celebration projects for the Chamber have included carpool karaoke and some fun green screen work inserting staff members into classic tv shows and movies. 2020 was another great year as we partnered with them to produce one of our most ambitious, and successful, video projects to date: the Forward Jackson 3.0 video.

What made this project so ambitious and so successful? Let’s break it down:

Almost 30 different shot locations. That’s a lot for one video. Planning, scheduling (re-scheduling), set up, shooting, take down – almost 30 times – and we didn’t even use all locations! Just getting them all done was a challenge, but making sure we planned far enough in advance to schedule everything was key. We started filming six months in advance to make sure everything was covered. This was especially important with the number of outdoor shots we completed. We can plan for everything – except weather. Contingency plans were key.

This entire video was unique in the way it combined so many aspects of our community. For Adelsberger Marketing, there were some specific features that really stood out as unique or first time experiences for us. We went from literal highs (rising up in a bucket truck with JEA linemen) to sinking to new lows (with our first underwater video shots – figuring out a way to stay at the bottom of the LIFT’s lap pool!). Personal high for Kevin, as the biggest Minnesota Vikings fan in West Tennessee – meeting Artis Hicks!

We consider anything that promotes our community a success. This video truly captured so many of the highlights of Jackson, with some really great imagery! It helped continue the position of our clients as the community leader they are and they received a lot of great feedback and social reach. The motivational, forward thinking message for the community is something we are grateful to have created for our city.

We’ve worked with Kevin and his team consistently over the past 5 years and were confident they would be able to showcase Jackson as we launched our Forward Jackson 3.0 campaign, designed to grow our community and enhance our quality of life. We were right. Adelsberger Marketing delivered another exceptional video product for the Jackson Chamber.” – Kyle Spurgeon, President/CEO of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce

Ready to take your branding to the next level?