Our Values: Fun Professionalism

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Our team at Adelsberger Marketing are professionals first. We understand that your business is important and, in the case of many small businesses, intertwined into every aspect of your family’s life. We are thankful for you as a customer and will work diligently to complete the job to the best of our abilities.

At the same time, we are not robots. We like to have fun. When responding to an email or text, you will probably receive a gif at some point in the conversation. (For those who don’t know what a gif is: a gif is a short animation, often with a caption. Many gifs come from pop culture references and include celebrities) Oh, and we pronounce “gif” with a hard “g” rather than a “j” – because it’s not “jiff” like the peanut butter.

But don’t think for a second that we are not serious about your business. Helping your business succeed is how our business succeeds. We literally would not be here without you. We love getting to know you, your services, products, and passions. We then make it our passion to communicate your passion to your clients.

That’s what’s so fun about being in the world of creative content. Social media is a way to communicate creatively to your customers. It’s okay to have fun along the way. We laugh and joke but we take your project seriously.

Adding Value: from Ticket Stubs to Car Mechanics

“Value.” That’s one of those often overused words that companies throw at their consumers in an attempt to make them feel better about opening their wallet.

Fast food chains used to have the “Dollar Menu.” Everywhere you went, you could find a backlit panel offering smaller hamburgers and small fries, each for $1. But it’s been replaced by the “Value Menu.” But what qualifies $1.49 instead of a $1.00 as a “good value?”

What does “value” mean to you as a consumer and to us as a business owner? By definition, “value” is “the regard that something is held to deserve” or “the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”

We can assign value to anything from a rare coin to a ticket stub that was from a special night.

At Adelsberger Marketing, our team strives to add value to your company. After all, it’s not worth hiring us if we don’t provide value.

There are several areas in my life in particular that I assign value to hiring a professional. When it comes to my vehicle, I could spend an entire weekend watching YouTube videos in order to diagnose the squeaking sound from a belt. I could even drive around town and find the part. And, with enough sweat-effort, I might even be able to put on the new belt. But it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. Fixing cars is not on the list of things I do well. Therefore, a trusted car mechanic is extremely valuable to me. I want my vehicle to run reliably so I depend on them to keep me on the road. They are experts which means they can diagnose and repair my car quicker, easier, and better than I could.

The same idea is true when it comes to how you communicate with your clients. You could put any old website together so that you can say you have a “web presence.” You could even create a Facebook page. But, when not properly utilized, neither are of much “value” to you. That’s where we come in. We take the tools you already have and improve on your business’ strengths.

We seek to bring value whether we are speaking at your event, designing a business card for you, or helping you launch something for the first time. If we provide you value, we know you will come back and you will tell your friends about us.

Over the next four blogs, we’re going to share four of our “tenets” of how we do business each day. It’s our hope that, through these four ideals, we will be able to better communicate to you how our team can add value to your business.

I Lost a Client

I lost a client this month.

Usually, that’s one of the most challenging realities of a business owner. Losing a client can be discouraging.

But in this case, it was a victory! No, it’s not for the reason you think – they weren’t a difficult or overly demanding client. They didn’t leave me for a competing firm or suddenly stop paying bills or replying to messages.

Instead – they were successful.

That’s right. Successful. Our past year of taking intentional photos of their products, strategically targeting their social media audience, and even taking advantage of Facebook algorithms led to so much success that they decided to hire a full-time employee dedicated to 24/7 digital marketing.

Is there a better way to lose a client? Probably not. It was an honor to serve their business and help them better communicate with their clients. Our efforts were rewarded in a very tangible way.

So many businesses are still struggling to invest correctly in digital marketing. Many business owners don’t understand why it’s such a powerful influencer. Or they may see it working for their competitor but they haven’t invested enough time for it to work for their own business.

In just one year, we were able to help one of these businesses learn the value of using social media strategically. One of my goals is to see other businesses succeed. Even if that means helping train my own replacement once they’ve expanded to the point of hiring full-time employees. That’s quite the testimony of success!