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Social Media

What We Do:

With content creation and implementation, analytics review, community management, and advanced social advertising services, Adelsberger Marketing offers full-service social media management.

Why It's Important:

Social Media is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your current customers on the market today and can help you introduce yourself to new customers. Individual social media channels can be used to grow your business and increase revenue if you use them well.

Case Study: Havner's Frame Shoppe

Anyone, business speaking, can (and should) have active social media accounts. Through the years, we have helped many different kinds of businesses – from restaurants to industrial printing companies to telecommunications corporations. One of our favorite, long time clients is local frame shop, Havner’s Frame Shoppe, located in midtown Jackson.

A third-generation framing shop isn’t exactly your typical social media client, but the fact that they aren’t typical is what has made them successful. In order to make their social media accounts successful, we’ve embraced a “making frames fun” ideology. How have we accomplished this?

What is framed? Who had it framed? What is the story behind it? The images we share (through photography provided by us) focus on Havner’s exceptional framing quality, but they also show the variety of items that come through the shop. We help share the history behind those framed images and memorabilia.

Can we connect a framed item to something current? A holiday, a sporting event, a season, the weather, or local special event? Help people CONNECT to the piece. One great example of accomplishing this is the video we filmed with Charlie announcing the reopening of the store after the pandemic shutdown. 

Show the process. There is a reason that the tv show “How It’s Made” has had 32 seasons and is still in production: people love a glimpse into what happens and how things work!

Don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun. Havner’s is lucky to have a creative mind at the helm in Charlie Havner. He’s always ready to bounce ideas back and forth with our team and always up to try anything to create things that will work with the social media fan base. This has resulted in a great tradition of April Fool’s videos, usually involving Charlie talking to or with a frame! (Check our most recent one out below.) Making videos like these also gives the opportunity for free PR – with local news media outlets picking them up for news stories as well!

Could your social media accounts use a tune up?

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