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Social Media

What We Do:

With content creation and implementation, analytics review, community management, and advanced social advertising services, Adelsberger Marketing offers full-service social media management.

Why It's Important:

Social Media is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your current customers on the market today and can help you introduce yourself to new customers. Individual social media channels can be used to grow your business and increase revenue if you use them well.

Case Study: World Changers

Since 1990, World Changers has existed to provide meaningful missions experiences for student ministries through North America. They have ministered alongside over 400,000 students and adults serving communities through construction and church planting ministry.

In 2021, we worked with World Changers to create a strategic marketing plan for the organization as they revamped their programming. This included taking over their social media marketing. As they are based in Panama City, FL and host ministry sites each summer throughout the United States and Canada, working with World Changers presents an interesting challenge.

However, the combination of our graphic design and social media team with World Changers Administrative Staff and Summer Audio Visual Staffers have proved to be the perfect combination for a successful social media marketing operation.

While World Changers is focused on student missions ministry, their main target audience is actually Youth Pastors. These are the people who are making the decisions for students to attend World Changers each summer.

Keeping this in mind, the social media of World Changers focuses on 1) pushing registrations for summer projects, 2) presenting the different opportunities and options available through World Changers, and 3) showing the results of projects (which in turn, drives future registrations and engages World Changers alumni).

How do we share World Changers message? 

We tell the story of the organization and the people behind it. Through custom infographics, carefully curated photos that show the faces of students attending World Changers projects and the action of the program, edited videos that tell the story of students and community members changed by the World Changers organization, specific hashtags to grow the community, and directed calls to action – we drive visitors to the World Changers social media channels to explore, learn more about the organization, and eventually participate in one of the many programs they have to offer.

In our first full year of working with World Changers on their social media accounts, we helped them to increase pre-summer registration numbers by approximately 1000. This was a large jump from the previous year!

Could your social media accounts use a tune up?