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Digital Advertising

What We Do:

You know who you want to walk through your doors and we know how to get them there. Through measuring analytics and keeping on top of current trends, Adelsberger Marketing is able to put your name and product in front of the people who should see it the most on platforms like Google PPC, Youtube Ads, Social Media Ads, and Spotify.

Why It's Important:

Digital Advertising is the best way to position your message. It allows you to target people based on their demographics or even people who have recently visited your website. What could your business do if it could talk to those people?

Case Study: VisitJacksonTN

We’ve all heard the old adage “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” But when it comes to digital advertising, this might not be the best idea! We have to be willing and able to adapt to an ever changing market, but be aware of what is currently working (and know how to keep those bones!)

We’ve worked with VisitJacksonTN, Jackson-Madison Counties Convention & Tourism Bureau, for a number of years on multiple projects, including photography, videography, social media, print design, and digital advertising. While our efforts in digital marketing have shown success, we knew that we needed to be ahead of the trends to stay relevant.

Our original concept for VisitJacksonTN’s digital advertising component delivered longer form (3-4 minutes), interview with B-roll style, 1280 x 720, HD videos.

Video and visual storytelling is king. With the move in social to vertical videos, we wanted to make sure to deliver story content. But, we realized we could deliver more value with photography as well. Now, by creating 1:1, 1 minute videos, we are able to run the full product on all social platforms, cultivating the same successful social strategies we’ve seen from other publishers.

The 1:1 videos aren’t just a different way to shoot videos to fit in on a social feed – they have translated to a higher request for travel guide information for VisitJacksonTN (which is the goal!). Comparing March 2019 to March 2020, we showed a 510% increase in requests!

While our video shoots now take a bit longer, it’s well worth it for what we are able to deliver for our customer. We give them videos that have a higher download rate through digital advertising, high quality, evergreen photo imagery they can use for digital advertising and social media content, and more.

Are you ready to work on your Digital Advertising game?