Social Media Win: We Beefin?

Wendy’s is back at it again. They have taken their viral quality attacks on other burger chains to a new level of production with a mixtape. Yes, a mixtape. Released on Spotify.

You, too, can listen to the 5 tracks from Wendy’s taking shots at their competition. The best one from ‘fast food’s first lady’ is Rest in Grease. They very clearly take a shot at McDonalds, “why is your ice cream machine always broken?” This is a hilarious execution of a strategy that was already working on Twitter. The songs are not good enough to listen to just to listen to, but people checking them out once is worth the investment.

You can listen to them here:

State of the Podcasts: April 2018

I love listening to podcasts. I listen to them when I run, drive, and clean. Some people know this about me and I regularly get asked about suggested podcast listening. So I am going to put out an annual list to talk about what shows I am listening to and give you some suggestions on things to pick up:

(* Indicates a favorite)


Social Media Marketing Podcast: Social Media Examiner
*Social Media Marketing Talk Show: Social Media Examiner
Perpetual Traffic: Digital Marketer
Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast: Bruce Irving


**Cortex: Relay FM
Free Agents: Relay FM


Corner Office Podcast: Market Place
*How I Built This with Guy Raz: NPR
The Businessology Show: Blumer
Open for Business: Gimlet
**StartUp: Gimlet (Start from Season 1 EP 1)
The Venture: Gimlet
The Pitch: Gimlet Media

99% Invisible: Roman Mars
*Planet Money: NPR

Embedded: NPR
Empowered Parent Podcast (Formerly Empowered to Connect): One Big Happy Home
Ungeniused: Relay FM
**50 Things That Made the Modern Economy: BBC World Service (Start from Episode 1)
**Crimetown: Gimlet (Start from Episode 1)
*Hello Internet: CGP Grey Brady Haran
(During Draft Season Only) NFL: Move the Sticks: NFL Network
*Revisionist History: Malcolm Gladwell (Start from Episode 1)
Science VS: Gimlet
The Unmade Podcast: Brady Haran
*What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law (Start from Episode 1)

*Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast: Gospel in Life

IN MY CUE (haven’t got through enough of the above yet to try these new ones):
Akimbo: Seth Godin
Building a Business that Lasts: Jay Owen
Business Wars: Wondery
GaryVee Audio Experience: Gary Vaynerchuk

Anchor: A quick way to get into podcasting

Most people have not heard of Anchor. Anchor made a go at being the audio only social media a few years ago. It worked but it was a little clunky and I a lover of podcasts wrote it off. I thought Anchor was dead. But then Google bought it. Google does nothing halfway.

Anchor was reborn a few weeks ago as a podcast creator in your pocket. The new anchor was designed to allow you create and edit podcasts quickly from your phone. They have music for you to use as transitions. They also allow you to record differnt parts of your podcast in segements. This can allow you to focus on each section and create someting worth listening too.

But the most powerful part of Anchor is that it distributes podcasts instantly. There was a time when hosting a podcast cost money and submitting to the different feeds took some time. Now Anchor does that automatically and for free. Record a podcast with Anchor, or upload it to their website, and it will be automatically distribute to major podcast outlets.

Renae is even using this to distribute audio for an Alexa Flash Briefing. Check her out by searching for Daily Women’s Devotional on the Flash Library.

Anchor is making it easier than ever to great audio content. How can you make use of this and become an expert in your own field


Client Spotlight: BizTech Roadshow

If you haven’t heard by now, Adelsberger Marketing and theCO are in the middle of a 15 county tour of West Tennessee with Kevin getting a chance to speak at all the stops and theCO bus showing off the latest in technology. We have had great turnouts so we wanted to take a look at the components that have gone into making the event successful.

  1. Cool Branding: Katie Howerton of Our Jackson Home and theCO put together a great brand to make the tour folks look cooler than we really are. This brand has been implemented across all of our components to give a unified feel to the marketing. 
  2. A great place to find out more: We created a simple but branded website to help direct people to find out more. has a video explaining what the tour is and provides information about each of our tour stops that are open to the public. We chose to leave the details off there to help make the site more streamlined. We put the details on Facebook events that were created for each county that was open to the public.
  3. Facebook Events: We created Facebook events for each of the stops. We really like using Facebook events because it helps create a reminder system that people are native to. If you RSVP for an event on Facebook, it opens you up to additional communication from us. This means we can send you reminders and notes about the event. Facebook will also send reminders the day of the event which will help people to remember.
  4. Facebook Video: We created videos for almost every stop on the tour, depending if they are open to the public or not. We did this in a way that allowed to us to use some parts of the video multiple times to cut down on editing and shooting time. Each of these videos is specific for the county that we are visiting so our local partners are able to share a video that is talking about their specific location. It was worth the extra time to do custom videos because people like to feel like they are being talked to specifically not generally.
  5. Facebook Ads and Retargeting: We have run a good amount of ads for each location on the tour. We have been able to target folks via Facebook based on interests that they have in Entrepreneurship and Social Media. Additionally, we target folks who have shown interest in the event with messages saying: “There is still time to RSVP.” These have been effective.
  6. Local Partnerships: The most important part of the tour is the local partnerships to execute these events. Having these events with a local entity, mostly chambers, gives us added credibility as we go into a town to talk. We are also providing in demand content which in turn helps the chamber seem more valuable to their members.  It is a win-win for sure!

We have a few more stops left and we hope to see you come out to the BizTech Roadshow!