Lead Generation Tool 

A freebie to help educate your audience is a great way to build some trust with your audience. For example, we put together a resource called “Digital Marketing Checklist.” That document walks someone through the major areas of digital marketing and gives them a few points to start with to make sure they get off on the right foot. We believe it provides some value, without providing so much value that would make us not worth hiring. But it does start to establish a relationship with our potential customers. We usually require someone to submit an email address to receive our freebies. This leads to more emails for your email list, which can help you stay in touch with consumers on a regular basis for almost no cost. 

This blog post is a portion of Attention and Action. The book walks you through the marketing process that Adelsberger Marketing follows with its clients. You can read this book for free as a blog on the Adelsberger Marketing website or purchase on Amazon.com.

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