Go Daddy wins the Superbowl

Go Daddy Puppies

Go Daddy Puppies

I have been avoiding Go Daddy ads for years now. They are usually so raunchy that I just change the channel or look away. This behavior continued when I saw “Go Daddy ad causes a stir” on my Facebook timeline this morning. Then my wife told me she thought it was funny. So I checked it out. Once again Go Daddy creates an ad that generates as much or more coverage from controversy as from actually ad placement. This time it doesn’t feel like they were aiming for controversy but some companies are just better at finding it then others. The ad is well made and funny even if the message irritates some people. Here is the video:

Also in this debacle we get a lesson from the school of “always being on your toes”. HostGator decided that it could maximize this situation for its benefit. This is the ad that came up when I googled ‘Go Daddy Puppy Commercial’:

Hostgator loves puppies


Well done HostGator.  This might be as on the same level if not on the same scale as the now famous Oreo ad during the super bowl power outage. Maybe we all need to watch our competitors ads just to pounce with a witty retort when they make a mistake!



What if you had more fans like this?

What if you had more fans like this? Not saying ‘bat crap crazy’ fans who will burn down your competitors businesses but fans who will go all-out to support your brand/business/blog/nonprofit. I am fortunate to work with two groups that have rapid fans that may be at a notch below the above featured fan group (Lets be honest some soccer fans are insane, and not just for liking soccer that much.). While the two groups are vastly different in size, product, and mission, they both have these dedicated supporters. Why? They both do good work at producing amazing products that no one else provides, they care about the communities they are in, and get their supporters involved. If we all had a few more fans like that, imagine what we could accomplish!