Advertising (Driver) 

While most of our builders are designed to convert incoming leads that come to you, sometimes you need help generating more traffic. This is where advertising comes into play.

Advertising is a paid opportunity to use networks other people have created to draw attention to your company. Newspapers and TV are classic examples of advertising. They create content people want to read, listen to, or watch and then charge advertisers a premium to get their message in with that same content. Facebook is no different. Facebook gives people a place to connect and express themselves, then capitalizes on the interaction to sell ads to advertisers.  When we think about advertising, it is important to go back to our customer personas: Should we run ads for senior citizen targeted products on Instagram? Well, maybe not. But maybe we should run some ads on Facebook and in the local newspaper.

This blog post is a portion of Attention and Action. The book walks you through the marketing process that Adelsberger Marketing follows with its clients. You can read this book for free as a blog on the Adelsberger Marketing website or purchase on

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