Live Events

Live events can offer you an opportunity to interact with your customers. Whether this be a lunch and learn, a trade show, or a conference that you put on, with a bit of investment, you can build great relationships. A good example of this is the Marketing AI conference put on by Paul Roetzer and PR 20/20. They established an arm of their company to begin talking about AI and then created a conference that would be used to help solidify their position as an expert. It also generates some sales of their courses and tickets. In person experiences can help motivate people to attend and give you an opportunity to further establish yourself as an expert. This can also dip into experiential marketing which we will talk about later in this book.

This blog post is a portion of Attention and Action. The book walks you through the marketing process that Adelsberger Marketing follows with its clients. You can read this book for free as a blog on the Adelsberger Marketing website or purchase on

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