Back in mid-2020, we had our first opportunity to work with Advantage Manufacturing, a leading producer of injection molded plastic components located in Friendship, TN. For that first project we worked their team with them to create an updated sales deck, complete with photography, logo package, and custom graphics. 


After that successful pandemic project, the Advantage Manufacturing team realized their need for a functional and updated website. With the success of our first project together, Director of Business Development, Chris Stiller came back to our team to develop a new online presence. 

While we had the benefit of already having a recently updated photography portfolio of products, we rounded it out with new headshots of leadership positions, equipment, and behind the scenes on the factory floor. By capturing high quality photography, we were able to create a visually appealing website for Advantage, even though it is a typical factory setting.

As an injection molding manufacturer with supply chain management, Advantage appeals to a wide range of customers – from firearms manufactures to disposable medical products to non-decorative automotive parts. Understanding all of these potential customers of OUR customer affected the way we designed the site for Advantage and we are excited to have launched a website for them to appeal to all. 

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