Social Media Win: Burger King Explains Net Neutrality

I always find it interesting when a company takes a stand on a social issue. Even more so when these social issues don’t seem to directly effect them. Recently, Burger King released a video attacking the repeal of Net Neutrality. It would seem, based on emails I received from my Congress people, that Burger King understands how the internet works and how important net neutrality is to business growth for everyone, not just for a few telecom companies.

The great thing about this is how social the video went. Because it was a hot social topic, news outlets and the vast majority of the internet who supports net neutrality, latched onto this great description of how to explain Net Neutrality to people.


It also led to long comment discussions which is great for the Facebook algorithm. So without an insane level of production or without spending a lot of money on advertising, Burger King dominated social media for this and created a huge win!