Dangers of Digital Marketing: Online Privacy in the Digital Age

Have you ever downloaded a new app to be met by a notification asking if you would like to ask the app not to track your data? Have you ever browsed the internet only to be met with a flurry of notifications asking you to accept or deny cookies?

It’s no lie that privacy in the digital age is a major concern for consumers and digital marketers everywhere.

So much so that the idea of online privacy has entered the conversation surrounding human rights and ethical concerns. Having a clear understanding of data analytics is helpful in the world of digital marketing and creates more frequent consumers as well as better producers. But privacy in the digital age poses the question: who really has my data?

While online privacy is still a major concern for internet users everywhere, new markets have been born out of a need and concern for online privacy.

For example, new internet browsers such as Duck Duck Go seek to eliminate the amount of online data that is collected. Other innovations include Apple’s IOS 14 software system which makes users aware of data tracking by introducing the “ask app not to track” feature.

Data analytics can be made useful in the digital world, helping marketers track what marketing strategies benefit their clients. However, online data tracking also raises privacy and ethical concerns.

Like anything in the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, online privacy is changing and is something we should all be conscious of. 

While data tracking in the digital world is not always harmful, how do we utilize data collection in a way that is beneficial for digital marketing? 

  1. Create your own data! Instead of relying on third party data analytics, find ways to generate your own data such as email lists. 
  2. Create an app to generate your own first party data and take control of data analytics for your business. 

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