Graphic Elements (Collateral) 

When making sure you have all the builders in place, it is not necessarily exciting to think about all the many graphic elements that one might need to have on hand. Here is a list of essentials::
-Business Card
-Slideshow Template
-Notecard (you should be writing notes to people)
-Brochure/Sales Card
-Email Signature
-Facebook Profile Image
-Facebook Cover Image
-Twitter Profile Image
-Twitter Cover Image
-Youtube Profile Image
-Youtube Cover Image
-Other social media channels
-Social Media Template Image
-Video Logo Reveal
-Video Branding (Lower third, information screen, transitions)
-Email Marketing Template

Having consistent branding through all of these elements will allow you to have clarity in message and professionalism throughout your marketing. This will help you leave no doubt that customers are dealing with a professional organization. Also, an important note for all the social media channels: test these on mobile. Often these social channels change the crop of the image when on mobile so test it on both before committing to it. Additionally, social media profile icons are tiny on mobile devices so be sure to minimize what is in the image.

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