At the beginning of the year, we welcomed Ricky Santos onto the Adelsberger Marketing team! Ricky had been working as one of the interns at theCo and his graphic design skills in particular caught our attention. 

Ricky was born in Divinópolis, Brazil and spent his four years of life there. In 2000, he and his family moved to Jackson. His father opened a painting company and Ricky helped every summer. But Ricky felt like painting wasn’t his career goal.

In high school, Ricky thought he would pursue a career as an engineer because he wanted to do a lot of problem solving. But he soon realized that math was not well suited for him. So he began to search for another career option that involved both creative and practical problem solving.

He found both of these items in the graphic design world. Ricky said, “I’m excited to work with Adelsberger Marketing because it will give me a chance to work with so many businesses in the local community and help them grow their business.”

His favorite projects at work involve creating motion graphics like gifs and branding companies. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, drawing and dabbling with 3D modeling on the computer, and watching Netflix with his wife. Over the next year, Ricky plans to continue to expand his skills and develop more of the soft skills that are required in the industry.

Ricky and his wife, Patricia, welcomed their first child, Roscoe, into the world in December. Ricky is a Senior at Union University studying Graphic Design. His family attends Poplar Heights. And, in the words of Ricky, “I own more gray clothes than any one person should.” We’re glad to have Ricky working with us.

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