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Doing the right thing is always the right thing. Enough said. Right? But our human brains start spinning when it comes to actually doing the right thing. Because doing the right thing isn’t necessarily always the easiest thing. Doing the right thing isn’t always the fun thing. Or the most efficient, cost-effective, or even the most impressive thing.

But doing the right thing is always the right thing – especially when no one is watching. We all mess up so we let’s go ahead and put it out there. We as individuals and as a company are not perfect. We’ve made mistakes along the way. Being able to own your mistakes is vital.

In the world of social media and digital marketing, it could be easy to tell the customers what they want to hear instead of doing the thing that is best for their business. We strive to always put into action the plan that is right for the client, even if it’s not what’s best or easiest for us. Ultimately, if it’s bad for our customer, it will end up being bad for us also. We strive to be a reputable company that you trust with your business.

So that means we’ve taken some financial hits along the way. We may not do this every time, but there have been times when a client has approved an item for print. Once printed, they noticed a mistake and we have covered the cost and labor of reprinting.

It also means that we’ve turned clients away or referred them to other services. Our social media plan may not align with what’s best for your needs at this moment. And that’s fine. We’ll do what we can to get you pointed in the right direction rather than force you into a contract with us.

So even when the right thing is difficult, we hope it’s the choice that we make. Not every company would be willing to say that they strive to do the right thing. But who wants to do business with those guys? Not me. I want to do business with people and brands that I trust. That’s why I strive daily to build a reliable business as well.

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