Traveling through Texas last week, I noticed my Subaru starting making an unfamiliar noise. This is usually not a good thing for an older car (the Buru is a 2002 model) and eventually it got obtrusive enough for us to seek assistance. We found a Subaru dealer not far from us in Dallas and we drove gingerly over to Sewell Subaru.

Though it was late on a Saturday the staff was willing to give us a quick diagnosis. Even though the store closed in hour, no one had checked out mentally yet.

Two customer service wins:

  1. “Siri call Uber”: Renae and I sat in the lobby awaiting the news about the Subaru’s condition and across the room from us sat an elderly woman with her iPhone. She was using Siri to try and call an Uber. We found this slightly humorous and she continued to try even though Siri said it did not understand. A saleswoman for the dealership walked by and proceeded to slowly explain what Uber was and how it work, even helping the woman install the app and request an Uber. She did this without a second thought.
  2. Free check up: The staff was really kind to us as they looked at the Subaru. The took the car to the back and removed the tire and found that the caliper was not working properly. The gave it as big of a bandaid as possible and allowed us to limp back to Tennessee. They did so without a charge and wished us well.


These two stories showed me very quickly that customer service was super important to Sewell Subaru. If we lived in Dallas we would be doing business with them without a second thought. While doing some more research for this blog, I found that the owner of this a few other dealerships has written a book a customer service. I have ordered it and will put up a review after reading it!

Remember: Every customer interaction is a chance to make a stark raving fan!

Sidenote: After posting this picture on Instagram, Subaru asked to use it in future marketing material. So that is pretty cool.


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