After spending the early part of my career in nonprofits, I can say that I have a soft spot for them. When West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center called, I knew I wanted to work with them. WTHSC works because everyone’s voice should be heard. This means helping people with hearing and communication. They work with a wide range of clients,from seniors to young children, and this is something we tried to capture in the video. Hearing aids, speech pathologists and communication devices are all around the center.

Sometimes getting ‘b’ roll for videos is easy, but because of the clinical nature of their work, it proved a little tricky. But the amazing staff and clients help make the process easier. The staff organized it so we were able to shoot the entire video in an afternoon! We also shot the video on site at WTHSC to help make the process easier and more comfortable for the clients and their families.

This video was created to help raise funds at their annual, Speaking of Art Fundraiser. That being said, if you want to support West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center, you can do so here. Here is the video:

West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Fundraising Video from Kevin Adelsberger on Vimeo.


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