Customer Spotlight: Care Center

We love nonprofits at Adelsberger Marketing. My (Kevin) background is from nonprofits. It’s even better when that nonprofit does work to expand the work of the kingdom of God! The Care Center fills a very specific and important niche in Jackson and West Tennessee. We had the pleasure to work with Nathan Young, Director of the Care Center and his board members to create a new website and two videos for their Christmas Banquet.

You can check out the website here:  (Photography provided by

You can watch one of the videos here:

If you are interested in getting more involved with the Care Center, check out the “Ways to Help” page on their website.

Client Spotlight: Jackson Chamber Video News

Video News March- Jackson Chamber from Kevin Adelsberger on Vimeo.

One of the most exciting new projects I have so far in 2017 is a video newsletter for the Jackson Chamber. One of the great qualities of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce is their desire to trying new things and always be moving forward. Much of that comes from the leadership of Kyle Spurgeon.

Last fall I started talking with the chamber staff about creating a video newsletter, which is something pretty new for the Jackson area. One of the challenges was, how do we cover a month of chamber activity in a watchable time-frame. Answer: Lots of editing. We have editing the content of the previous newsletter and all the news that the chamber creates during the month down to about as small as we can get it to.

We also knew this had to provide value to the viewers and the members. So far they have been released to great comments from the community. I would love to hear what you think, is there anything we can do better?

Check them out:

Video News February- Jackson Chamber from Kevin Adelsberger on Vimeo.

Jackson Chamber Video Newsletter – Jan 2017 from Kevin Adelsberger on Vimeo.

Client Spotlight: Don Polley and Associates

I recently finished a project for a startup Don Polley and Associates. The elements of the project were:

Branding, Website, Print Materials, Headshots, Videography, And a book!

I really enjoyed this project because I was able to use the width of my skillset to deliver for this client!

Don Polley was starting a business that needed to communicate professionalism to Human Resource managers and their leadership across industries. We started off with a brand that would help convey that Don was there to build bridges across the generational divide.


We followed that up with printed material to help distribute to a potentially older demographic and something he could leave with potential customers. See the flyer (front and back) and the business card (front and back).

Don needed some professional photography to help make sure he looked professional to his potential clients.

We also wanted to make sure the brand was up to snuff with the digital age because Don works with Millenials. We created a responsive website that featured a blog where Don can demonstrate his knowledge.

Don also saw video as an important part of marketing in 2017. So we created a short video of him explaining what the business was all about:

We also published an autobiography of Don’s and got it placed on Amazon. 

This was a great project and Don was an exceptional client. I have worked with few clients that defer to expertise as quickly and graciously. If you need help building a relationship with Millenials in your workplace, Don is the guy to talk to!

Customer Spotlight: Madison County CASA

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.09.29 AM

I had the pleasure of creating a new website, banner, and video for Madison County CASA. This project was extremely enjoyable for multiple reasons: great company contact, great service to help, and expanse of the project.

CASA needed a new website. The director of Madison County CASA applied for a grant through the Jackson Service League to get a new website. While working on the website, I added in a video and new banner to the project to help make the marketing for CASA more well rounded.

Come check out the website here:

And you can watch the video here (also during the first week of the release of the video, we have 12k videos! Read about there here)

How we got 7k organic reach…over night.

Great content is the king of the internet. But by defining it as great means that it is rare. Do not expect to make great content everyday but be ready to take advantage when you do.

Making great content is hard to do and it can be even more difficult depending on your industry. This video started with an amazing story and we put the time into make it a professional production to create a huge PR coup for a small non-profit. Madison County CASA is a charity that I support and I was recently hired through a grant to create a new website and video for them.

Lets take a look at a breakdown of the stats:

The video did really well initially on its own. The organic reach was great! People were sharing, liking, and commenting organically. The key was amazing content that gets people emotionally invested. Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.03.26 AMIn the first 24 hours the organic reach went up to 7,721! What amazing reach for a Facebook page with only 647 fans(before the video was posted). When I felt like the organic reach was starting to come off its highest point, I activated a $25 boost to fans and friends of fans of the CASA page.  As you can see below, as the organic reach dropped I used the boost to help increase its reach to the community.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.03.21 AM

The result were 16,838 total reach with 6,753 of those being paid. Thats amazing! The difference: amazing content people wanted to see! Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.00.29 AM

Now lets dig into the video statistics. Of that 16,838 people who saw the post there were 7,052 people who watched the video. 17% of those reached with the post watched some of the video. Now we can see through the audience retention panel that very few made it very far into the video. But the vast majority that made it 45 seconds in, made it to the end of the video. 7.15% of the 7,052 people who watched it at all is: 504. 504 people watched the entire video!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.04.47 AM

Now in our context, the video was nearly 6 minutes long. It was a time investment for our audience to watch. This video was designed more for presentations than social media viewing. The story was too long to fit into an ideal :30-1:30 video. I feel like the 504 is a great number for completing the video.

We can also learn from the Facebook stats that the average watch time was 42 seconds. I also know that that if they made it 1 minute in, almost all of those watchers made it the rest of the way through the video.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.06.30 AM

What other measurable things did we get? The page gained 32 new likes and the post had 418 likes in total. 101 on the pages post and 317 on the shares of the original post. This is an impressive number. There were also 63 shares. People loved the content. The content is king!

All of these measurable point to a marketing win for a small nonprofit that just had the chance to get in front of 16,800 people for a very small amount of money!


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.06.56 AM



Customer Spotlight: ARM Banquet Video

Recently I completed a video from Area Relief Ministries. This video was many hours in the making but it was a pleasure to work with the staff and tell a little of their story. Area Relief Ministries (ARM) does amazing work in our community in helping fight poverty.

This video presented some specific challenges. There was a variety of locations and people which while time consuming and technically tricky added a lot of life to the video. One of the trickier parts was combining elements from the diverse functions of ARM into one video.

The video ending up coming together well! This video was produced in conjunction with Our Jackson Home and was sponsored by the Eblen Agency.

Customer Spotlight: Barnfest 15!

This month I wanted to put a spotlight on one of the videos I produced this month.
Barnfest is going to be an annual free Christian concert at the Barn at Snider farms. This year the event featured Humble Tipp and Crowder.
This video was shot by my wife Renae Adelsberger and myself. Aerial footage was provided by Wes Harris of Wes Harris Statefarm. I also edited the video.