I have never negotiated with domain pirates before. (A domain pirate is someone who buys up domains and waits to resell that domain to someone at an exorbitant price.) However, when we started working with Direct Shred, a locally owned document destruction company, their domain was directshredtn.com. With an eye to the future we looked at what it would cost to acquire a new, stronger and concise, main domain, directshred.com from a domain pirate.  We knew it was not worth what it was listed for and through our first negotiation with a domain pirate we got the price down to 25% of the initial asking price. Now, Direct Shred has a great domain that positions it well for its future growth. 

Domain acquisition was value added for this project. Our main focus was a new website, photography, and video. Direct Shred came to the table with great branding in place and it was fun to be able to work within their framework to make a consistent brand image across the project. 

One of the standout things about Direct Shred is that they are locally owned. This, we learned, is very unique in the shredding space. Direct Shred goes toe to toe daily with giant shredding corporations, so we wanted to be sure to emphasize the local nature of their company in the new hero video that went with the website. You will see shots of Direct Shred servicing iconic, local customers – not just every paper vendor gets that permission from its customers. 

This video edit was also the first major project that Alex Russell edited after joining the team. He did a great job of making shredding exciting for this project! 

 If you need documents or a hard drive destroyed, call Direct Shred! Ben and Rachel will take care of you!

Visit the new site at: www.directshred.com

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