In one of the most jarring updates to Facebook in some time, you can now see what ads your competitors are running.

Previously, all the ads that a Facebook page was running were only visible to the Facebook Page admins and the people in the target audience that the ads were running to. Now, anyone at any time can go see the ads running in their country on any Facebook page.

How? Check it out:

On mobile, load a facebook page and look for a white oblong box to appear at the bottom of the cover photo. Click on that box to take you to all active ads on Facebook.

On Desktop, navigate to a Facebook page, look on the left-hand side menu and find the “Info and Ads” section.

This goes even deeper on political facebook accounts. On Facebook accounts that have political messaging, you can see all the ads that pages have run. This is largely due to the role of Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and foreign influence on the last election cycle.

You will also notice now that you can see who is running the ads, regardless of the name of the Facebook page on political campaigns.

These are with Facebook’s effort to make their ads more transparent to the community. I think in the instance of political marketing, this makes a lot of sense.

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