We have become accustomed to receiving mass amounts of information from various outlets throughout our day. To not get overwhelmed, we have also developed a subconscious system to filter out things that we know don’t interest us. Because of this, businesses have to figure out a way to connect with their customers in a non-intrusive way. One of these ways is the use of motion in your website, app, or social media post. In 2016, over 70% of all of the traffic online was video. That means that the greatest chance to reach a customer is to use a platform that they are primarily using. By using motion graphics in these videos, you will be able to hold their attention even longer.

This is because motion provides elements that a static graphic or photograph just can’t. For instance, take a look at this GIF that we made for one of our clients.

Now look a still from the gif.



With just stopping the motion, the personality of the graphic was taken away and made less interesting. We just naturally pay more attention to things that are moving especially when vibrant colors are involved.

Another benefit with using motion is that it can be used to focus a viewer’s eyes to a specific spot on their screen. With the majority of people consuming content on their mobile devices, apps and mobile sites benefit greatly from having motion elements. Take a look at this mockup of an iPhone screen.


Bright colors can draw your viewer’s attention. But look at how much more engaging the same notification is when it moves:


When providing content to your customers, you want them to be focused on what your business has to offer. One way to do that is by attracting them with a little bit of motion. This can be in the form of a video background on a website or a non-intrusive alert that provides helpful information. While this is a somewhat new idea in the world of marketing, it has its origins in the world of video production. Interviews usually have name plates that are on the lower area of the screen to provide the viewer with some important information that could have been easily overlooked. This also serves as place for things that weren’t said in the video to be placed.

The same concept can be used with a call to action button on a website or on an animated social media post. Just remember that it is better to be simple and subtle rather than having something that is visually overbearing.

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