Most people have not heard of Anchor. Anchor made a go at being the audio only social media a few years ago. It worked but it was a little clunky and I a lover of podcasts wrote it off. I thought Anchor was dead. But then Google bought it. Google does nothing halfway.

Anchor was reborn a few weeks ago as a podcast creator in your pocket. The new anchor was designed to allow you create and edit podcasts quickly from your phone. They have music for you to use as transitions. They also allow you to record differnt parts of your podcast in segements. This can allow you to focus on each section and create someting worth listening too.

But the most powerful part of Anchor is that it distributes podcasts instantly. There was a time when hosting a podcast cost money and submitting to the different feeds took some time. Now Anchor does that automatically and for free. Record a podcast with Anchor, or upload it to their website, and it will be automatically distribute to major podcast outlets.

Renae is even using this to distribute audio for an Alexa Flash Briefing. Check her out by searching for Daily Women’s Devotional on the Flash Library.

Anchor is making it easier than ever to great audio content. How can you make use of this and become an expert in your own field


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