And what a win it was! The Haltom Home Team had the most viral video in Jackson (probably) ever. The Haltoms brought in Austin and Colin from That’s Classic Media, to create the “Relaxin in Jackson” video that went viral in fall of 2017. Check it out:

Though not super familiar with their careers, Austin and Colin are clearly super talented with both video production and music. I thought these guys looked familiar and then I realized they hit it big with a Nashville themed song a few years ago.

When I say it went viral, it has at least 406,000 views on Facebook. That excludes any dark posts that might have gone with advertising. More than 3,000 likes and reactions and more than 6 thousand shares! Those are unheard of statistics in Jackson.

What can we learn from this?

  1. Investing in content is smart. The Haltoms knew if they wanted to make an impact they were going to need to hire help. They found a great team to work with. Now, I am sure they also paid handsomely for this video, but to bring in experts, it costs money!
  2. The content they used was not necessarily reality based but their jobs are easier when people are excited about the territory where they are selling property.
  3. This should give them a great start in increasing name recognition. Not only did all those people just see the Haltoms name and see the team on camera, they interacted with a video from their page. This is a great opportunity to follow up with retargeting advertising based on that video interaction. They started to create a warm market and they have an opportunity to increase that brand recognition for a lower dollar amount by targeting folks who watched a portion of that video.
  4. Social Media Content goes quickly: The video went viral which is amazing. The next level of that is to continue to put out high-quality content. It would have been great to have a behind the scenes video to release on the back end of this video to target folks with. Social Media content is not just a one-time investment, it is a reoccurring investment.

Way to go Haltom’s and Austin and Colin!

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