The second phase is marketing your business is to get people to Like you and this is not just a Facebook Like. This is helping someone see that you are an alright person and someone they wouldn’t mind doing business with. Some of these steps will vary based on how large your business is or what your product is. But here are some general thoughts on getting people to like your business.

The biggest part of this is personal relationships. Most of the time, people buy from people. This means that getting to know people is very important to this strategy. How do you get to know people? It is more than just handing out business cards at a networking event. It’s then having lunch with someone and talking about more than just business. There may be programs in your area like Leadership Jackson in mine that will help you build relationships with a group of varied people. The key to relationships like this is that they run deeper than just business help.

Another element is corporate community giving of either time or money. When your company donates time or money to a cause you have the opportunity to build some affection from the community. If your company is known as one that gives more than its share, people will be more likely to choose you to do business with over a similar competitor. This is amplified by people who care a lot about certain causes, the biggest fans of that cause will soon become your biggest fans if you align the cause properly with your business.

The third way and something social media is allowing to do is associating your brand with good feelings. We have seen this becoming more popular with the advent of social media. Big charity events or even just doing cool things for fans is a great way for people to like you. An example comes to mind with a cellular carrier. These feelings can range from just funny or to a deep emotional joy.

These are a few ideas on getting people to like your company. We will look next time on getting people to trust your company.




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