I have another Free Marketing Idea for you! And if your businesses are not in these areas, maybe it will spark some ideas for your next marketing partnership. This idea came up recently while speaking with a friend who works at a flower shop.

Gender reveal parties or announcements have almost become as big as the baby announcement itself. There are lots of videos on youtube about gender reveal parties and funny reactions to kids who are disappointed with their new siblings gender. As this trend grows, I think it provides an opportunity for some local businesses across the country.

My friend who worked at the flower shop was telling us about preparing some balloons for a gender reveal party. This along with cakes, or confetti, or other surprise tools to tell the world what your baby’s gender will be are suppose to help create suspense and allow for a surprise when revealed.

My current understanding of the process is that once the gender is determined by the doctor, it is written on a slip of paper and handed over to the lucky couple to plan. That couple hands it over to a relative or close friend who then has the surprise ruined and is responsible for keeping the secret and planning the party.

Well humans are prone to error. What if the couple slips up and looks (or not by accident decides to look becuase they can’t contain themselves) or the relative/friend missteps with their words and reveals it accidently?


How can a service be provided to ensure the surprise and make the party wonderful? Enter in the bakery or the flower or gift shop. Instead of handing over the sensitive information to the family, they could send it to a local shop they have a relationship with. Then the family could purchase specific services from that shop and then the surprise is a surprise to everyone at the party!

This benefits the clinic by helping make a special event even more special for a family. This could lead to more business. The shop gets a referral and is able to make a few extra sales and could develop a reputation for making the best gender reveal surprises in town. Sounds like a win-win marketing partnership to me!




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