“Design” is more than a bunch of pictures and shapes thrown around until they eventually look right. There are some principles that are present in all good design. Here is an overview of six principles:

Unity and Harmony exist when all the elements of the work flow together. When you look at a piece that is in harmony, there is a sense of completeness.

Balance is achieved when the “weight” of the elements are distributed equally through all of the work.  

Hierarchy is used to show which elements are in conjunction. This will help the eyes move in the right direction so the viewer can understand the information more clearly.

Scale / Proportion
Scale and Proportion are used to relate the different elements to one another. The more in proportion that the elements are to each other, the more unified that they feel.

Dominance/  Emphasis
Scale, Color, and Texture are just some of the ways that elements of a work can be featured.

Similarity and Contrast
Similarity and Contrast are another way to show off groups of elements or to emphasize just one.

We like to consider these principles in all of our designs – whether it’s a logo rebrand or a brochure layout.

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