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Speaking and Teaching

What We Do:

With a background in public speaking, Kevin can teach on a variety of subjects including: Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Marketing, Customer Experience, Business Productivity, Churches and Social Media Marketing, Culture, Youth and Career Journeys, Workshops on Content Production, and Customer Persona Generation Workshops .

Why It's Important:

Helping your organization's members grow will serve your community as a whole. Learn from our trials and successes.

"We've loved having Kevin speak to our CO.STARTERS business bootcamp group about the growth of his business as well as key tips for marketing and messaging to keep and grow their customer base."
Executive Director, theCO
"If you’re looking for a “by the book, college professor” workshop, then Kevin is not your man. If, however, you’re looking for an interactive session with someone who threw the book away long ago – you want Adelsberger Marketing. Kevin knows the topics because he eats, breathes and lives them every day; that gives him the ability to change directions to suit his audience, and give them the help they actually need."
Executive Director, Humboldt Chamber of Commerce
“Through his clear and concise speech, Kevin effectively conveys the core principles and practical wisdom required for success. His proficiency in speaking about small business entrepreneurship is invaluable, empowering individuals to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys with clarity and determination."
Director of Leadership Development, Greater Jackson Chamber