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Branding and Design

What We Do:

From choosing colors to the final design, Adelsberger Marketing will walk you through the process of crafting an eye-catching logo that will help your brand to stand out above the rest. With years of creative design experience on our team, we can help you create a brand that will represent your company for years to come.

Why It's Important:

A logo can help you stand out from the crowd and sell yourself to potential customers. A weak brand can turn off potential customers.

Case Study: Jackson-Madison County School System

When you think of some of your favorite brands, one of the first things that probably pops in your head is their logo. Logos and branding are a necessity. Having one that stands out, is memorable, and works across print and digital spaces is imperative. 

Over the years, we’ve helped a number of companies and non-profit organizations brand and re-brand their businesses. One of our largest re-brandings has been with the Jackson-Madison County School System. We worked to either completely redesign or update the logos of seven of the system schools.

This was an interesting project, as we were working on seven separate designs for one customer, but each design had different groups of people participating in the process. Because of the numerous people involved in each logo design, our team worked hard to create a good process for direction, input, and feedback from each school.

We started each process with a brainstorm session. Most of these were in person, but 2020 necessitated that some of these be via Zoom. Thankfully,  we pivoted well to this method! From the brainstorm session, we created a draft, sent the draft for review, revised the draft, sent for review, revised a final version, and delivered a final packaged logo.

A valuable element we were able to offer was our guidance during the actual design process. Some of the schools already had a pretty good idea of how they wanted their logo to look. Other schools needed a good bit of help from us to figure that out. Our initial meeting with each school helped us to determine what their goal was and how much help they needed to get there.

Another important aspect of this project was allowing direct input and feedback from each of the individual schools for their logos. This helped us to develop a more streamlined process from sketch to final product. While this necessitated extra meetings with the client, it was well worth it for the sake of clear communication and valuable final product.

Is your business or non-profit ready for an unforgettable logo or re-brand?